Rainy Day Recipes

Fiesta Lime Popcorn

When nasty weather keeps you indoors, there’s no better companion than a Netflix binge session, accompanied by a generous bucket of popcorn. Elevate your movie-watching experience by crafting your own bedazzled popcorn. For a zesty and refreshing twist, try my Fiesta Lime Popcorn featuring a tasty blend of cheese and lime flavors to tempt your taste buds. Or transport yourself to the Mediterranean with my Rosemary-Parm Popcorn, infused with the aromatic and rich essence of Parm.

If you’re craving something peppered with cheese, this Cacio e Pepe popcorn is for you. It has an irresistible combo of, well, Parm-and-pepper 😉 And for those with a sweet tooth, try my Caramel Popcorn. Once you pop, you can’t stop!