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Improve your health with food. Food is nature’s medicine and it can naturally treat and cure life-threatening diseases and improve your health. Just choose your condition below.


Fuel Up on This Back-To-School Breakfast

It’s that time of year again! For a morning meal with staying power, treat your child to a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries and nuts. This healthy, protein-packed breakfast will keep your little one alert and focused until lunchtime.


Avoid These Common IBS Trigger Foods

A sensitive stomach should be treated like a fussy baby — you have to put it on a regular feeding schedule, keep it calm and stress-free, and protect it from potential irritants, such as these 11 common IBS trigger foods.


7 Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids

Getting our children to eat healthy and nutritious meals may be one of the toughest tasks we face as parents. Whether your children are overweight, underweight, or perfectly fine, you probably still worry about how they’re eating. Here are 7 common mistakes parents make — and how to avoid them.


Look Younger With These 4 Foods

Want to turn back the clock on aging skin? Nourish your skin from the inside out with these four foods. They’re packed with essential nutrients to help your skin appear radiant and wrinkle-free — and as a bonus, they taste great, too!


9 Common Migraine Trigger Foods

If you suffer from migraines, steering clear of booze may be one way to keep headaches at bay. But cocktails aren’t the only culprit! What’s on your plate (or on the menu, or in your kitchen) that might trigger a migraine? Proceed with caution around these items — and you could save yourself a big headache!


10 Tips for Living With Diabetes

Diabetes is a problem that sticks with you for life — but that doesn’t mean that life can’t be a healthy and happy one. For those diagnosed with the disease, proper management is key. Learn to control diabetes by making the smart lifestyle changes and adopting an eating plan that keeps blood sugar in check. Your body will thank you!