Food Cures for Migraine Headaches

Change your diet, lose the migraines? Here are the foods to avoid, and the foods to include, to prevent or reduce migraine headache pain.

thumb_2152_content_mainIdentifying your migraine triggers can be a painstaking process — everyone has different triggers and different tolerance levels. But there are some everyday habits that anyone who gets migraines can adopt to help keep headaches away. A multipronged approach, involving discovering and eliminating your triggers while practicing healthy habits, can go a long way to preventing migraines. Find effective tips for managing migraine headaches through diet.

Migraine Headaches: What Causes Them – and What Can Help

It's important to identify your specific migraine triggers, then try to avoid them. Learn what can trigger migraines.

Avoiding Migraine Triggers in Restaurants

Dining at restaurants can be tricky for people who get migraine headaches. See Joy's rules for dining out safely.

Migraines and Botox

Is there any truth to the stories I've heard about Botox injections being used to cure migraines? Find out if Botox can cure headaches.

Migraines and Supplements

Which of the many supplements out there can help prevent or relieve migraine headaches? Find the best supplements for you.

9 Common Migraine Triggers

What's on your plate (or on the menu, or in your kitchen) that might trigger a migraine? Use caution around these trigger foods.

7 Healthy Habits That Can Reduce Your Migraines

These lifestyle changes can help lessen your risk for migraines — and boost energy! Give these healthy habits a try.

4 Powerful Nutrients for Fighting Migraines

Certain foods are safe for migraine sufferers — and can even help put a stop to migraine pain. Learn what foods prevent migraines.