Nutritious Eating

In this section, you’ll learn the basics of putting together a nutritious meal, which foods have health-boosting benefits, and how to stay energized all day long.

thumb_2163_content_mainDid you know that a healthy diet — one low in calories and consisting of moderate amounts of high-quality carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats — can help improve your health, your appearance, and even your mood? It’s true. Here you’ll discover my best tips for keeping hunger at bay — and what to eat to feel great from the inside out.

Supercharge smoothies with SuperGreens

Learn how to get more nutrition out of your smoothies. Read more.

Joy’s Favorite Salads and Dressings

Need some green-spiration? Check out these beautiful bowls and delicious dressings! Read more.

Rainy Day Recipes

Stuck indoors because of the weather? Try whipping up one of these fun recipes. Read more.

Joy’s Mocktails and Munchies

I loved seeing everyone at the Nutrition News conference in La Jolla, California! The following recipe collection includes all of the delicious mocktails and munchies we sampled together.  Enjoy making them with your friends and families:-) Mojito Spa Water and Tzatziki Dip Black Razzberry Daiquiri and Dark Chocolate-Stuffed Raspberries Spicy Margarita Mocktail and Fiesta Lime Popcorn

Joy’s 7-Day Mediterranean Meal Plan

There’s a reason why the Mediterranean Diet reigns supreme as one of the most popular—and effective— diets of all time. It’s an easy, evidence-based eating plan full of delicious whole foods with numerous health benefits. In fact, year after year, the Mediterranean Diet ranks number one on U.S. News & World Report Best Diets list, and […]

Movies & Munchies: Rom-Com Edition❤️

Check out some of my favorite rom-coms—they'll fill your heart with joy and your belly with delicious fare as the main characters indulge in some memorable munchies on their search for love. Read more.

Healthy Twists on Favorite Classics

Learn how to health-ify your favorite recipes using easy and delicious swaps. Read more.

Spice is nice! The magic of seasoning

Explore the magic of spices and elevate your cooking to new heights. Read more.

FNCE Demo: Joyful Mocktails & Munchies

Check out the mouthwatering munchies and mocktails Joy shared at FNCE 2023. Read more.

Fall’s Best Bevvies: 5 Sips to Savor and Celebrate

Check out these scrumptious seasonal sips. Read more.

How to live apple-y ever after

Learn all about apples, from tasty varieties, how to pick and store and fun ways to use them. Read more.

Sipping Sunshine: 5 ways to embrace lemonade!

Inspired by childhood lemonade stands, I'm sharing grown-up, modern-day lemonade creations the whole family will love.

Summer vibes: One-in-a-melon treats

Check out these watermelon treats that will make your summer extra sweet. Read more.

Joy’s Dudes and Their Foods

Joy shares the favorite meals of all the men in her life in honor of Fathers' Day. Read more.

A Taste of Spring

Learn how to be inspired by spring blossoms and herbs in the kitchen. Read more.

Swing into Spring with Mocktail Magic

Sip in style with these satisfying mocktails. Read more.

Egg Dishes for Every Meal

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the following recipes so you can enjoy egg-straordinary meals morning, noon and night! Read more.

Spring fling! Fall in love with these produce picks

Check out some of my favorite spring produce picks as well as some recipe inspiration! Read more.

Feb-BREW-uary is for coffee☕️

Coffee not only tastes good but offers a number of health perks. Learn more.

Joy’s ’23 Health Challenge

Here are five cheery health challenges you can make to bring about significant, lasting, meaningful change this year. Read more.

Healthy-ish Hacks for Leftover Halloween Candy

Wondering what to do with all that leftover Halloween Candy? You can find a worthy cause to donate it to (check out Soldier’s Angels Treats for Troops or find a local Ronald McDonald House). You can check in with your local dentist or orthodontist to see if they offer a buy-back program. Bring it to the office and […]

Fall faves: Warm and cozy recipes

Warm up with these cozy fall recipes. Read more.

Amazin’ Apples and Other Fall Goodies

Fall produce means loads of yummy dishes to whip up. Check out these recipes for inspiration. Read more.

How to create the ultimate “hydration station”

Hosting a get-together? Set up a hydration station to keep guests refreshed and entertained. Read more.

Chill out with these drippy treats

Recipes to cool you off and satisfy your taste buds. Read more.

Holy Grapes! So many varieties to devour

There are so many delicious grape varieties available now. Here are some of my favorite new options. Read more.

Lemon Love: Tasty citrus recipes

Check out these tasty recipes you can make with flavorful lemons. Read more.

Dress to Impress: The tastiest toppers for salads

Looking for new tasty toppers for your salad? Look no further! Read more.

Spring into sweetness: Feel-good treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these spring-inspired treats. Read more.

Attention, ladies! 5 foods you should be eating

Check out the five foods every woman needs to protect heart health, strengthen bones and promote healthy, beautiful skin. Read more.

Creative Ways to Get Your Fruit Fix

Try these tasty ways to get a fruity flavor fix until the spring bounty arrives in grocery stores and farmers markets. Read more.

Surprise! Unfamiliar Winter Produce You Need to Be Eating

Learn which fruits and veggies are at their best during the chilly winter months. Read more.

Football Fare: Tailgating Goodies

Hosting a party or going to a tailgate? Bring these goodies to get your crowd cheering. Read more.

Oh my gourd—get your pumpkin on!

Pumpkin perfection: Learn how to enjoy pumpkin dishes all day long! Read more.

Back-to-school lunch ideas for kids of all ages

Check out these lunch lessons for kids of all ages. Read more.

Ready, Set, Road Trip

Hitting the road for a trip? Pack these easy-to-make munchies to stay fueled and energized. Read more.

Buns with Benefits

Enjoy these lower carb, healthier bun options at your next barbecue or get-together. Read more.

Head-to-Toe Hydration Benefits

Staying properly hydrated helps your body run efficiently, from head to toe. Learn about the benefits of hitting your daily water goals. Read more.

March Munchies for the Big Game

You can’t enjoy a thrilling game without tasty snacks and refreshing drinks. Try one or more of these recipes. Read more.

Sweet ideas for a memorable Valentine’s Day

Looking for sweet ways to celebrate Valentine's Day? Try these fun ideas. Read more.

Gobble up these Turkey Day Goodies

Hosting the Thanksgiving holiday? Feel free to whip up on or more of these recipes (all Bauer family favorites). Read more.

Pumpkin Spice…and Everything Nice!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...pumpkin EVERYTHING season! Check out some of my favorite recipes. Read more.

Falling for fall-inspired recipes

Enjoy the best of fall offerings with these seasonal recipes. Read more.

Superfood snacks…for super-hungry kids

What should you feed your kid during or after school? Try these tasty and filling bites. Read more.

Best Bites for a Day at the Beach

Learn what to pack for a healthy day at the beach. Read more.

Thinking of going plant-based? Use these pointers

Thinking of following a plant-based diet? Follow these tips. Read more.

Beloved BBQ Fare…Reimagined

Upgrade the standard barbecue menu with these fancied-up dishes. Read more.

6 comfort food creations starring canned items

Learn how to use convenient and tasty canned items to create healthier comfort foods. Read more.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Festive Fare

Celebrate the holiday with these delicious dishes. Read more.

“Date Night” Bites and Beverages

Check out delicious pairings that are sure to help set the mood. Read more.

Your Free 7-Day Meal Plan

Here's your free 7-day meal plan to enhance overall health while helping you feel more balanced and energetic. Read more.

2020’s Healthiest Nutrition Trends

What's hot for 2020? Check out these food and nutrition trends. Read more.

Fun Ways to Jazz up Your Lunchbox  

Add a little fun to your lunch box with these tasty tips. Read more.

Joy of LaCroix: HUGE giveaway!

I'm proud to announce an exciting, new partnership and a refreshing contest with LaCroix. Learn more.

Skinny Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Love bagels but trying to cut carbs? Give my Skinny Cinnamon Raisin Bagels a taste. Learn more.

One-Day Detox Plan

Need to jump start your diet after getting off track? Try my One-Day Detox plan. Learn more.

10 Healthy Resolutions for a JOY Full New Year

Another year, another set of promises. Use these handy hacks to ensure that this is the year they finally stick! Read more.

Try This Juicy Tenderloin Roast

Where's the beef? Try this juicy tenderloin roast. It's easy to make and serves a large crowd. Read more.

A smart sip to boost brain health

Find out which three brain-boosting ingredients are in my Smart Smoothie and learn how to the brainy beverage. Learn more.

Fried Chicken gets a healthy makeover

Want to give the beloved classic, Fried Chicken, a lighter but just as tasty (and crispy) spin? Check out this video to learn how.

5 creative ways to enjoy an egg

Love eggs? Check out these 5 fun and fresh ways to enjoy the breakfast staple. Read more.

Fall-Flavored Healthy Food Finds

Check out the cool new products out for the fall. Read more.

Mac & Cheese Muffins Made With Love

Check out the inspiration behind Joy's Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Muffins. Read more.

4 quick ways to add kale to your diet

Try these four deliciously easy ways to add kale to your diet. Read more.

How to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Headed out for a beach vacation? Make sure to use these three simple tips to enjoy the trip and stay on track. Read more.

Repeating breakfasts: Good or bad?

Is it good or bad to repeat your breakfast meals over and over again? Learn more.

Outsmart Summer Diet Saboteurs

Learn how to sidestep summer saboteurs, from barbecues to baseball games, with these smart strategies. Read more.

10 Must-Have Pantry Staples

Learn what must-haves you should stock in your pantry to create healthy, delicious balanced meals and snacks. Read more.

Low-Cal Coffee Hacks

Enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee without overloading your morning brew with loads of extra calories, fat and sugar. Try one or more of these smart tricks. Good morning, indeed! Read more.

Spice up your sandwich with these 5 slimming spreads

Add zing to your favorite sandwiches and burgers with these scrumptious spreads. Read more.

Slim down your pizza slice

Love pizza but not all the fat and calories? Use these strategies to slim down your slice. Read more.

The easiest way to create healthy meals

Confused by calorie counting? Learn how to put together healthy and balanced meals. Read more.

Breakfast and exercise: The best time to eat

Should you eat your breakfast before or after your morning workout? Learn what will give you the best results. Learn more.

A spicy solution for aches and pains

Can turmeric really ease aches and pains...and just how much do you need? Learn more about the super spice. Read more.

The bottom line on egg substitutes

Are liquid egg substitutes safe? Learn the difference between whole eggs in the shell and liquid eggs in the carton. Learn more.

How to make low-carb pizza crust

Learn how to make low-cal, low-carb pizza crust using cauliflower. Read more.

2 Egg-Free Mediterranean Breakfasts

Enjoy these two egg-free Mediterranean breakfast options. Learn more.

How to (Quickly) Slim Down by New Year’s

Feeling a little stuffed and bloated post-holidays? Use this two-day plan to get back in track and look fab by New Year's.

The Best Picks at the Mall Food Court

Stuck at the mall doing some holiday shopping? Fuel up with these better-for-you bites. Read more.

How to eat everything at Thanksgiving and not gain weight

Thanksgiving is tough—and special—and only comes one time a year, so you should enjoy! Here’s how to indulge in the deliciousness without overdoing it. Read more.

Wow Them in White! 6 Pale Power Picks

White vegetables and proteins can offer just as many benefits as their brighter brothers and sisters. Check out this list of pale powerhouses to add to your plate. Read more.

A tip to keep ice cream portions in check

Try this simple strategy to keep portions of frozen treats in check (it really works!). Read more.

How to kick powerful sugar cravings

Trying to kick powerful sugar cravings? Use this strategy to control your sweet tooth. Learn more.

Two tricks to suppress appetite

Feel like a bottomless pit sometimes? Try these two tricks to get control of your appetite.

A simple tip to stop nighttime nibbling

Struggle with nighttime nibbling? You're not alone! I've got a simple fix that will help. Try it tonight. Read more.

6 Slimming BBQ Sides

Heading to or hosting a barbecue? Whip up one or more of these slimming sides and get ready to be the hit of the party!

Back-to-School Breakfasts Made Easy

Back to school can mean hectic mornings and fussy kids, but one thing that doesn’t have to be complicated is breakfast. Check out these three quick and tasty morning meals.

Hail to Kale! 10 Ways to Enjoy the Great Green

Kale is a superfood that's also super versatile. Learn a few tasty ways to incorporate this great green in your diet. Read more.

Have a Fit Fiesta With 4 Easy Swaps

In the mood for Mexican tonight? You can have a low-fat fiesta using the following tips and tricks. Read more.

10 Delicious Ways to Eat More Beans

Beans are good for your body and budget. With so many different types of beans (and lentils) to choose from, it’s easy to get your fix every day. Try one of these tasty recipes.

7 Bite-Size Desserts

Mini desserts may be small in size but they are HUGELY popular. Check out 7 deliciously dainty desserts you can enjoy (and go back for seconds of!). Learn more.

What Is “Healthy?”

The FDA has announced they will be revising the guidelines for “healthy” claims on food labels. That brings us to the next step—figuring out how to redefine “healthy.” Learn more.

A Surprising Trick to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

Struggling to get your kiddos to eat veggies? A new study shows they’ll be more likely to eat the good stuff when exposed to other people, especially children, gobbling them up. Learn more.

10 Healthy Herbs You Should Be Using

Sometimes all a recipe needs is a little salt and pepper—but if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, you may want to sprinkle some herbs into your dish. Check out these a superstar seasonings and how to use them in your favorite dishes. Learn more.

Fill up on produce without emptying your wallet

Did you know that you could hit your daily veggie and fruit quota for less than the cost of a latte?! A new study finds that getting the right amount will set you back just $2.60 a day. Learn more.

A refreshing way to cut calories

A new study suggests that increasing your water intake by just 1 percent a day can help you cut calories, sugar, fat and sodium (not bad, right?). Learn more.

Skimping on Sleep May Lead to “The Munchies”

Have a case of the munchies? A new study suggests a surprising culprit. (And no, it’s not marijuana!) Learn more.

Support Your Local PBS…and receive my Ultimate Joy Food Collection

I’m proud to announce my new PBS show, From Junk Food to Joy Food, along with a special project I’ve been brewing to raise money for PBS and simultaneously help you transform your lifestyle. Learn more.

Protect Your Child from Breast Cancer with High-Fiber Diet

Need a reason to swap your kids’ potato chips for kale chips? A diet rich in fiber can help cut the risk for breast cancer later in life, finds a study from Harvard Researchers. Learn more.

Clean up your mess and drop a dress size!

A recent study finds the more cluttered your kitchen, the more calories you may consume. Learn how tidying up can help you lose weight.

Chocolate…the Secret to a Healthy Pregnancy?

Expectant moms will enjoy this new pregnancy perk: An ounce of chocolate may help your baby-to-be. Learn more.

Three Ways to Beat Weekend Waist-Busters

Are you sticking to a healthy eating plan all week, only to have your diet goals destroyed on weekends? Here’s how to break the cycle.

5 Foods to Avoid in Your 50s

Turning 50 can feel daunting, but it's just a number. Keep your eye out for “red flag” foods… then boot ‘em off the menu. Read more.

The Juicing Craze: Health or Hype?

Does this thirst-quenching trend truly promote health, or is it all just hype? Learn the pros and cons of this popular fad.

Is Coffee Dehydrating?

You've probably heard that caffeine is extremely dehydrating - that used to be the conventional wisdom, and it's what I was taught, too. But in this case, common knowledge was incorrect. Let's set the record straight...

Enjoy Summer Parties Without Gaining Weight

Kick back, relax and enjoy summery cocktails, BBQ fare, and tasty desserts without gaining a pound.

Foods for a Good Sex Life

Throughout history, many foods have been attributed the power to improve sex and combat erectile problems. Give these foods a try to spice things up in the bedroom.

Food Remedies on PBS

I’m talking about disease-fighting items in your kitchen cabinets that can truly change your life and change the way you look at food forever. Tune in to PBS for my "Food Remedies" special.

Why You Can’t Always Trust Food Labels

Most people are now aware of the health risks associated with consuming trans fats. Find out how to make sure your food is totally free of trans fats.

Do You Need An Exercise Makeover?

If you're getting bored doing the same exercises over and over again, you risk losing your drive - and giving up on your workouts altogether. Follow these suggestions and get out of your slump.

Jumpstart Your Diet in 2 Simple Steps

Kids are headed back to school for a fresh start, so why not embark on your own new beginning - with a diet and exercise overhaul?

3 Ways to Get Dinner on the Table Fast

I know many of you are overworked, stretched thin, and sleep-deprived - all of which makes it overwhelming to even consider cooking healthy, low-cal meals at home. For all you "no time to cook" people, here are 3 strategies that will get you in and out of the kitchen in a hurry.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

Buffet-style eating can be a big concern if you're watching your weight, whether you're headed to college or boarding a week-long cruise. Get my tips for eating smart when the menu is out of your hands.

FALL 2015: Crash Course on Healthy College Eats

College eating can be tricky, but study stress and alcohol-induced munchies won’t take you down if you’re prepared to take them down first. Here are some simple strategies for controlling your cravings, beating weight gain, and generally staying on top of your game.

Healthy College Eats: Morning Meal Plan

Hitting the books? Here's why you shouldn't bail on breakfast.

Healthy College Eats: Midday Munchies

Snacking between classes? Here's how to choose strategically.

Healthy College Eats: Dining Hall Dos & Don’ts

For many, the college dining hall spells trouble. Here's how to make sure your dinner plate doesn't translate to the dreaded freshman 15.

Healthy College Eats: Hangover Helpers

Party a little too hard? Here's how to bounce back in no time.

Healthy College Eats: All-Nighter Energizers

Planning an all-night study session? Plan it well and keep your brain sufficiently fueled.

Healthy College Eats: Exam Brain-Boosters

College exams add a level of stress to university life. Find out how to fuel up so you can grab that A+.

Avoid These Restaurant Red Flags

When you're browsing a restaurant menu, it's sometimes difficult to distinguish healthier dishes from fattening fare. Here's how to translate the menu.

5 Ways to Lighten Up Your Favorite Foods

One of my favorite things to do as a nutritionist is tweaking fattening recipes from magazines, cookbooks, and my favorite restaurants to create my own slimmed-down versions. Here are my best calorie-slashing ingredient swaps!

Good Fats, Good Life

Great news: You don't have to avoid dietary fat to stay healthy. I have a number of tasty suggestions to incorporate good fats into your diet. Ready to dig in?

How to Get More Flavor in Every Meal

Love the delicious taste of butter, but not all the fat and calories it adds to meals and snacks? Here's how to enjoy the flavor without undoing your diet.

Summer Lovin’ with Good Fats

Enjoy healthy fats all summer long with these delicious ideas, from the grill to scrumptious splurges after dinner. Read more.

Go Ahead and Indulge! Diet-Friendly Chocolate Fixes

Indulge in chocolate without derailing your diet with these delicious finds! Read more.

The Simplest Diet Cleanse Ever: Sample Menus

Following the Simplest Diet Cleanse Ever and need menu ideas? Here are a few to get you started! Get 3 days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

Joy Bauer Books

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new book, From Junk Food to Joy Food, due out in February. I've transformed more than 120 of your fattening favorites—from cheesecake to chocolate milkshakes and pizza to paella—so you can enjoy them whenever you want. Learn more.

5 Tips to Build a Healthier Salad

Choosing a salad isn't easy—they can contain more calories and fat than you think. Follow these tips to build a healthier salad.

Top 10 Superfoods

Superfoods keep you healthy and feeling great! Find out which 10 foods are especially super!

Top Nutrition Tips for Marathon Runners

These tips are specifically designed to improve your marathon, as well as your training and recovery. Make nutrition a part of your performance plan.

8 Foods to Limit

See which unhealthy foods landed a spot at the top of my go-easy-on list! Read more.

8 Trendy Proteins You Should Be Eating

Protein is the golden child of the nutrition world, but are you tired of the usual options? Liven up your menus with these protein-packed options.

2012’s Trendiest Health Foods

Learn about the latest lentils, the veggies in vogue, the seeds in style, and more. Add these 9 healthy foods to your diet this year.

The Best Foods to Eat Before…

Wondering what to eat before a workout, job interview, cocktail party, or romantic evening? Discover the ultimate pre-event foods!

8 Spring Superfoods

Spring has sprung, and it's time to welcome the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are now in season. Enjoy these eight nutrient-packed superstars.

My 10 Must-Have Foods for the Fridge

With these simple items on hand, you'll always be able to find something nutritious to eat. Stash these foods in your fridge!

Top 8 Foods for the Freezer

Put together healthy, nutrient-packed meals and snacks in a flash with these budget-friendly, convenient freezer staples.

What Top U.S. Olympians Really Eat

From sushi to chocolate milk, these standout Olympians share their gold-medal menus. Here's what they really eat!


Coffee By and large, coffee seems to have an undeserved bad reputation when it comes to your health. Turns out, your morning cup o’ joe is a real brain-booster! In one promising study, researchers tracked nearly 700 healthy older men for ten years and found that those who averaged 3 cups of coffee per day […]

Fall Produce With Hidden Healing Powers

Fall is a time to embrace delicious dishes that incorporate the nutritious bounty of the season. Create comforting autumn fare with these 8 late-harvest foods.

Peculiar Produce Picks

Ever feel intimidated by some of the more exotic, unfamiliar produce items in the supermarket? Time to turn those eccentric groceries into a special surprise the whole family will love. Try something new!

8 Summer Superfoods You Should Be Eating

It's time to indulge in some of nature's most delicious, vitamin-packed foods. Take advantage of these seasonal picks.

Tips for Guilt-Free Grilling

Fire up the grill! My most popular recipes for burgers, ribs, kebabs, and more are fat on flavor, but light on calories. Give them a try!

Beat the Heat with These Cooling Foods

Looking for a way to cool off this summer without cranking the AC or subjecting yourself to ice-cold showers? Chill down from the inside out with these refreshing eats.

Tips for Smart Summer Travel

It's summertime, and you know what that means...vacation! Here's how to stay healthy while still enjoying the adventure.

Energizing, No-Fuss Breakfasts

Want the formula for an ideal breakfast? Here it is: aim for an "8/4" winning combination. That means, at least 8 grams protein and 4 grams fiber in your AM meal. These delicious breakfast suggestions each hit the mark.

Five Age-Defying Foods for the 50+ Crowd

There may be a few less glamorous physical side effects of aging, but certain nutrients have the power to keep you feeling young inside and out. Read more.

Night Out, Stomach In

Ready to let loose and enjoy an evening with your closest pals? Here's how to have a good time without hitting the delete button on your healthy eating plans. Here's how to have a good time without hitting the delete button on your healthy eating plans.

6 Ways to Outsmart Office Food Obstacles

Between catered lunch meetings, coworkers’ birthday celebrations, and communal candy dishes, many of us face job challenges that are both deadline- and diet-related. Here’s an assortment of strategies for beating the top 6 food foes in your office.

Tasty Ways to Enjoy Nuts and Seeds

Learn simple and delicious ways to upgrade your menu using nuts and seeds. Click Here.

6 Strategies for Mastering the Farmers’ Market

Planning a visit to the farmers' market? Don't head out until you read this! You'll find tips on how to score the freshest produce and save big. Learn More.

Game on! Football Fare that Won’t Blow Your Diet

Football season is in full swing—but that doesn’t mean your diet has to take a fumble. These healthy recipes will help you tackle your toughest game-day temptations. Read More.

Cut Carbs with 4 Simple Swaps

Check out these four simple swaps that do double duty: help you slash your calories and carbs. Score! Learn More

Energy Boosting Breakfasts

Not all breakfasts have staying power. Here are some creative, protein-packed meals to get your day started on the right foot. Read more.