Best Foods for Skin, Hair and Teeth | Joy Bauer

Did you know that you can dramatically improve your appearance by changing what you eat? Learn which foods are best for your hair, skin, and smile.

thumb_2160_content_mainYour appearance is great marker of your overall health, and good nutrition assures the best possible environment for enhancing your appearance. Making certain diet changes can help your hair grow shiny and strong or help turn back the clock on aging skin. Luckily, foods that help your appearance are also good for your body. In this section, find out what to eat to look great — and feel even better!

Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin

There's an important connection between what you eat and how you look. See which foods help lead to glowing skin.

Which Foods Will Stain Your Teeth?

If you plan to whiten your teeth, avoid foods that can easily stain your enamel. Find out which foods are the worst offenders.

Does Calcium Strengthen Nails?

Calcium is great for your health, but taking supplements won't strenghten your nails. Find out why — and learn what will help

Can Low Iron Levels Cause Hair Loss?

If your hair is thinning, it's possible that an iron deficiency is to blame. Ask your doctor for these important tests.

Hair Basics: How Does Food Affect Hair Health?

Dream of having luscious locks? What you're eating has more to do with it than you think. Learn what to eat for fabulous hair!

How Food Affects Hair Health

Dream of having luscious locks? Battling thinning or balding hair? Your diet has more to do with it than you think Learn how food affects hair health.

Look Years Younger With These 4 Foods

Eating more of these nutritious (and delicious) foods will help your skin appear radiant and wrinkle-free Nourish your skin from the inside out.

8 Foods for Healthy, Gorgeous Skin

Certain foods can minimize wrinkles, fight acne, and enhance your skin's natural beauty. Improve your complexion with these foods!

7 Best Foods for Healthy Hair

For shiny, more lustrous locks, add these 7 nutrient-rich foods to your diet. Discover which foods can enhance your hair.

5 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

There's more to having a healthy smile than just brushing and flossing. Eat these foods to build strong teeth.