Food Cures for IBS: Best and Worst Foods for IBS

For anyone fighting the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of IBS, certain mealtime guidelines can help. Learn which foods are best for digestive health, get helpful irritable bowel syndrome diet and treatment tips.

thumb_2161_content_mainWhat is irritable bowel syndrome? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is common, affecting as many as 20 percent of Americans, and yet it remains a mystery. No one knows exactly what causes it, and there is no way for a doctor to make a definitive diagnosis. What’s certain is that food can trigger flare-ups of the disorder — by finding out what foods are your personal triggers, you can learn how to eat meals that are safe for your stomach. It is also important to know which foods to avoid.

IBS Basics: What Is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Learn the basics of irritable bowel syndrome — and find out how food affects your condition. What is IBS? Find out here.

How Food Affects IBS

The best foods for IBS health are those that are gentle on the digestive system. By finding out what foods are your personal triggers, you can learn how to eat meals that are safe for your stomach.

Lactose Intolerance and IBS

How do you know if you have lactose intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome? Find out what's causing your symptoms.

Fiber Supplements for IBS

Many experts recommend fiber supplements, but they are not always the best medicine. Find out if fiber supplements are for you.

Extreme Elimination Diet

This diet is meant for people with severe diarrhea-predominant IBS. Follow it for five to seven days to determine what foods are triggering your IBS.

Elimination Diet with Added Fiber

Follow this diet for severe constipation-predominant IBS and as a follow-up to the extreme elimination diet.

Extreme Elimination Diet – No Fiber

This elimination diet is designed to help people who suffer from severe, persistent, diarrhea-predominant IBS determine which foods may be aggravating their condition.

Starting a Low-FODMAP diet: What you need to know

FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates that are often poorly digested in the intestine and, when fermented by bacteria that live in the gut, can cause a host of digestive woes. Find out if you should go on a low FODMAP diet.

Common IBS Trigger Foods

No one knows what causes IBS, but certain foods are known to set off its painful symptoms. Here are the most common IBS triggers.

6 Tips for Outsmarting IBS

Beyond changing your diet, here are six other ways you can soothe an upset stomach. Follow these tips to prevent bouts of IBS.