Food Cures for High Cholesterol

Discover how to lower your bad cholesterol levels (and boost good cholesterol!) by changing what you eat.

thumb_2154_content_mainSurely, you’ve read and heard a lot about cholesterol: Some cereals claim to lower it, some labels declare the food inside to be free of it, and you or a family member may have been warned that you have too much of it — then again, you may have been told you don’t have enough of it (the good kind, that is). But where does cholesterol come from, and more importantly, how do you keep your numbers healthy? You’ve come to the right place!

What Is Cholesterol, and How Does Food Affect It?

Many people diagnosed with high cholesterol can improve their health with nutrition. Learn how to to start lowering your cholesterol.

Using Food to Lower High Cholesterol

The majority of people diagnosed with high cholesterol can improve their health by following a cholesterol-busting nutrition program. Here's how you can start yours today.

A Cholesterol-Lowering Diet – Plus Statins

Should you change your diet once your doctor prescribes statin medication? Read about how statins affect your diet.

How to Raise Cholesterol Numbers

What foods and supplements are best for raising your level of HDL ("good") cholesterol? Learn what can raise your HDL levels.

Supplements and Cholesterol

Do supplements that claim to lower your cholesterol really work? Discover the truth about supplements.

6 Foods That Lower Cholesterol | Joy Bauer

These six foods have been shown to lower cholesterol—and satisfy your stomach! Learn which foods lower cholesterol.

Lower Your Cholesterol: 7 Changes You Can Make Today

These simple tips can improve your cholesterol — and boost your overall health. Discover 7 smart changes you can make. Discover 7 smart changes you can make.

Control Your Cholesterol: 4 Supplements to consider.

Are you trying to get your cholesterol under control and considering supplements? In addition to the food fixes, here are your best bets.