Food Cures for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

You can’t stop PMS from paying you a visit every month. But you can ease the pain by eating the right foods — and avoiding the ones that make symptoms worse.

thumb_2167_content_mainFor many women, premenstrual syndrome is an uncomfortable fact of life. The exact severity and range of symptoms will differ from woman to woman, but many experience the bloating, irritability and mood swings that come with “that time of the month.” Although indulging in chocolate–dipped pretzels might seem like a fantasy come true, doing so won’t provide relief. There are better Food Cures to help get your PMS symptoms under control.

What is PMS?

What's causing your PMS? More importantly, what can you do to help combat it? Get Joy's best PMS-fighting information.

Eat Amaranth to Help Ease the Symptoms of PMS

It's true — magnesium does combat symptoms of PMS. How can you get more in your diet? Find out one of Joy's favorite sources.

How Food Affects PMS

Find out how to make healthy food choices that can help manage and reduce the symptoms of PMS.

Supplements and Herbal Cures for PMS

If you suffer from severe PMS, you may be looking for relief beyond food fixes. Find out what supplements can help.

5 Foods That Fight PMS

When the PMS blues have you down, turning to salty snacks and sweet treats will only make symptoms worse. Eat these 5 foods and start feeling better.

6 Tips for Managing PMS

PMS symptoms may be unavoidable, but you can keep them from putting your life on hold. These small changes can add up to big relief.

7 Tips for beating the Bloat

Bloating is an uncomfortable PMS symptom — are your eating habits making it worse? Discover 7 Food Cures that can help.