Memory & Mood

Learn what foods can help improve your memory, sharpen your mind, boost your energy, and enhance your life.

thumb_2164_content_mainNo matter what’s causing your bad moods or how long they have lasted, eating the right foods can help you feel more energetic and less like you’re riding an emotional rollercoaster. Making healthy food and lifestyle choices can also increase your energy level and improve your memory and brain function — and will benefit your overall health, so it’s a win-win! In this section, learn which foods can help improve your energy, memory, and mood.

Even Out Your Mood With Food

It's possible to beat the blues and avoid mood swings by watching what (and when!) you eat. Boost your mood — with food!

Foods Can Help You Boost Your Memory

Eating certain foods can help make life's little details unforgettable. Sharpen your mind by eating these foods.

Afternoon Brain Drain? Sustain Mental Performance Through Strategic Snacking

Want to know how strategic snacking can improve your performance during work and play? Read about how to sustain mental performance and rock your day!

How to Boost Sex Drive with Food

Yup, I'm going there - I'm sharing Food Cures that can spice things up in the kitchen AND the bedroom. Find out what you should be eating for your next special night IN!

8 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Tired of feeling tired? Don't let your days drag by — this healthy advice can help. Stay energized with these tips. Stay energized with these tips.

Food Cures to Relieve Stress

With the right foods, you can soothe stress and elevate your mood naturally Add these nutrient-packed foods to your diet.

Turkey-Pepper Roll Ups

Turkey-Pepper Roll Ups When there’s no time for a power nap, turn to this power snack. Instead of the traditional carb-heavy wrap, these roll-ups use protein-packed turkey as the base. Wrap the turkey around a few colorful bell pepper sticks for a blast of vitamin C-rich produce, and zest things up by adding a drizzle […]

6 Foods To Boost Memory

If your brain could use a boost, add these secret weapon foods to your eating plan. Sharpen your noggin with these brainy bites!

6 Ways to Start Feeling Better Right Now

If life is wearing you down, a few manageable changes can give you an instant lift. Use these strategies to start feeling better today.