Top 10 Foods for the Freezer

Light Ice Cream

My freezer selection wouldn’t be complete without something sweet. Ice cream is definitely my guilty pleasure: I love slightly melted vanilla (admittedly, sometimes with mini peanut butter cups…yum!). Look for “light” brands with 130 calories or less per half cup. To keep your portions in check, serve up your dessert in a mug, small bowl, or ramekin versus a soup or cereal bowl. If scooping from a pint is too tempting, stock up on some of the portion-controlled, low-cal ice-cream pops and sandwiches that now come in decadent flavors like cookies-and-cream and strawberry shortcake. And it’s nice that you get a little nutrition bonus with your sweet treat — hello, calcium! A shot of calcium supports strong bones and — ladies, listen up — may even help prevent PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings.

Now that you’ve stocked the freezer, check out what I keep in the fridge.