What Top U.S. Olympians Really Eat

Jordyn Wieber

Move over, Justin Bieber… gymnast Jordyn Wieber has generated a “Wieber Fever” movement of her own! She’s the sixth American woman to win the World All-Around Championship, and though she didn’t qualify for the all-around competition, her dominant performance during the team final was instrumental in helping the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics capture gold. To keep her compact, powerful body in top performing shape, 17-year-old Jordyn eats an incredibly clean diet with guidance from her mom, an exercise physiologist with a strong nutrition background. She skips the bars and shakes and instead fills up on lean protein like chicken and egg whites and plenty of nutrient-packed produce, including lots of salad. For healthy takeout, she turns to Lebanese food, which offers high-fiber, protein-packed dishes. Her favorite is mujadara, a vegetarian entrée made with lentils and cracked wheat, which provides perfect high-energy fuel for her explosive tumbling passes. And when Jordyn’s in the mood for a treat, she indulges in frozen yogurt — even her splurges are healthy!