What Top U.S. Olympians Really Eat

John Orozco

From earning a black belt before age ten to being crowned the 2012 U.S. all-around champion in gymnastics, there is no doubt that 19-year-old John Orozco has guts and determination. To power up and maintain his muscled physique, John, who finished eighth in the Men’s Individual All-Around in this year’s Games, eats 2,500 to 4,000 calories daily, depending on his practice schedule. On the morning of a meet, John feasts on a big breakfast and then typically eats light for the rest of the day. His pre-competition morning meal consists of protein-rich eggs and Greek yogurt, plus high-octane, easy-to-digest carbs from fruit and toast — a winning combination. At the gym, John snacks on granola bars, pr* nutrition bars, and Chobani Greek yogurt (mango and strawberry are his faves). He also totes around a personalized water bottle, designed by his nutritionist Jennifer Gibson, RD, to make sure he’s hitting his hydration targets.