What Top U.S. Olympians Really Eat

Gabby Douglas

By the age of four, Gabby Douglas had already taught herself how to do a one-handed cartwheel, proving her talent in gymnastics at a very young age. Twelve years later, Douglas earned the only guaranteed spot on the Olympic team after winning the Olympic Trials and gaining the nickname “flying squirrel” for her extraordinary performance on the uneven bars. She clearly lived up to expectations last week, nailing two gold medals — in both the Individual All-Around and the Women’s Team final! Gabby’s discipline and commitment to her sport extend to her diet as well — at age 16, she’s already sworn off junk food, and she regularly eats balanced meals; a favorite dinner is salmon, mashed potatoes, and greens. When it comes to hydration, Gabby avoids sugary soda and guzzles plain ole H2O. But she’s still a teenager after all: Gabby relies on her mom to prepare healthy meals and has a soft spot for chocolate, proving there’s still room for treats in an Olympian’s diet.