What Top U.S. Olympians Really Eat

Giuseppe Lanzone

Giuseppe Lanzone may have started out as a high school football player, but today he’s a star rower serving his seventh year on the U.S. National Team, finishing just shy of a medal last week when he came in fourth in Men’s Eight Final. Showing off his polished, athletic body in the Ralph Lauren Olympic collection photo shoot this year, Lanzone is a model Olympian on and off the water. To gear up for hours of team training on the open sea, Giuseppe eats anywhere from 4,500 to 7,000 calories a day, including a lumberjack breakfast of tortillas stuffed with eggs, hash browns, vegetables, and ground turkey, washed down with a large fruit smoothie. After workouts, he typically replenishes his system with PowerBar protein bars and recovery drinks. Eating a meal or snack that includes carbs and protein within the first hour after exercise is critical for endurance athletes, especially when they’re doing long sessions or multiple practices per day.