Joy’s Dudes and Their Foods

Cheeseburger Meatballs

My father-in-law, Vic Bauer, has been equally as loving and supportive as my own father. I consider myself lucky to have him as my second dad. He is completely selfless—he is always there should anyone need a helping hand…or a date, especially if it involves a trip to Barney Greengrass on the upper west side or Peter Luger’s for a steak dinner.

He is a true meat-and-potatoes guy, but I’ve worked hard to introduce delicious and nutritious dishes, and every now and again, I hit gold. His recipe of choice, not surprisingly, features meatballs. This one is a fun spin, drawing from a beloved cheeseburger. It can be made with either lean ground beef or ground turkey and it’s oozing with cheese. They can be enjoyed as an appetizer or as a meal, depending on how you serve it. Either way, I highly recommend my special 2-ingredient dipping sauce!

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