Grilled Caesar Salad

Danny, my baby brother, is a consultant extraordinaire by day and a guitar rockstar by night. He works with numbers and grows profits on one hand… and on the other, he channels Eddie Van Halen and Pat Methany. I appreciate him not only for his insane and diverse talents, but also because he has a discerning palate and high bar. This makes him a valuable taste tester in my kitchen.

He loves my Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad because it’s got all the feels: salty, crunchy, creamy and totally satisfying. He likes that the grilled romaine leaves elevate the base of a standard salad and that he can be heavy-handed with the Avocado-Caesar Dressing, which is easy to make, heart-healthy and crazy delish. Finally, he loves to grill so this dish checks every box.


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