Joy’s Dudes and Their Foods

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dates

 Jason is the newest addition to the Bauer family—Jesse’s fiancé will officially become our son in January (and we are all counting down the days!). I can proudly and happily say he is the most perfect fit for Jesse and our boisterous gang. We love him so much and couldn’t have picked a better life partner for our girl. He has become an older brother and confidante to Cole and Ayden Jane. (He even recruited Ayden to help him secretly pick out the engagement ring when he proposed back in September). He’s an exercise buff and loves healthy food. He’s willing to try everything I make—and often acts as sous chef in the kitchen.

He has a fondness for my sweet treats, especially my DIY “Snickers,” which only confirms he has exquisite taste, haha. These gems are easy to make, incredibly indulgent and taste just like the real thing. You can whip one up for yourself whenever you’re craving something chocolatey and crunchy or make a whole big batch when you’re entertaining.