Exterior of the child under 6 years old. Tips for young parents

Teach the child yourself to wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the toilet, walk and before meals. For this, you are near and explain very detailed what you need to do. After a week, comments will become less detailed. A month later, your son or daughter will be able to wash his hands well. But from time to time it is still worth checking whether the crude sides of the brushes is launched, it thoroughly wipes hands. Also teach to brush your teeth.
Play with a crumb in the game "Dirty-clean." Survey together his things and clean entitle to put in the closet, and the fact that the child deems dirty, let him please in the basket.
Talk to the index finger on the right hand of the baby (you can even draw face on it). Explain to him that he can show things, but should not poke people. It is he who helps the rest of the fingers to bring a handkerchief to the nose, but it does not have the right to pick it in it, especially in society. Tell all the rest of the other fingers, so that they from time to time reminded her mother or dad of their owner cut the nails on them, but in no case gave themselves to gnaw.
To check how the rule is assimilated, play "you can cannot be". Call different actions (show to a toy or grandmother, at home or on a friend), and the child must, if you can do it, straighten your finger, if you can not be bend. Noticed that son or daughter picks up in the nose? Remind the forgetful finger on the rules. Advise more carefully follow him. You can talk about the hygienic aspect of the bad manner in an accessible language, for example, in the form of a fairy tale about microbes.
Teach a child to cover your mouth with a handkerchief when he sneezes and cough, and say "sorry." And also apologize for the "exhaust". It is best to regularly draw such situations with toys. If there is a homely puppet theater - use it.
Baby sick? Has got into a new environment? Walks out the divorce of parents? Having habits with disagreement. In this case, he gnaws his nails or sucks a finger because, in response to a stressful situation, it would be rolled up to the archaic behavioral stereotype, animal instincts are included. It consoaes the crumb. If a period of such self is delayed, consult a children's psychologist. Surround the child with caring and caressing, turn on its daily diet products rich with zinc and iron: veal, beef, herring, mackerel, apples, citrus. They launch a mechanism that protects brain cells from stress. Praise for each "non-burning" finger. Want to keep up with the latest gambling news? The online casino portal will tell you about the best casino bonuses, the latest news and offer the latest gaming club reviews.