What’s Hot in Health

Latest trends in the nutrition and fitness world

thumb_1944_content_mainI’ve been sharing all kinds of up-and-coming products, tasty snacks, exercise equipment, fitness classes, and restaurant happenings on the TODAY show. Here, you can learn more about the items featured on “What’s Hot in Health!”

Fruity Products Get a Veggie Boost

In an attempt to give their products more health appeal, companies are sneaking veggies into items that are usually flavored with sweeter fruits. Read on to learn more about these nutrient-packed products with a surprising, savory twist!

Tasty Nut Butters With Flavorful Mix-ins

My taste-testers (and the TODAY hosts) flipped over these creative nut butters with yummy mix-ins like chocolate chips, maple syrup, fruit, and coconut. Check out my scrumptious supermarket finds!

Feel-Good Teas

Got an everyday ache or ailment? There’s a tea for that! Check out these unique herbal blends specifically designed to ease digestion, promote sleep, soothe sore throats, and give you an extra AM lift!