Best Kids' Pranks Movies on 123movies 2024 (Top 5)

Article updated on 07/12/2023

Are children harmless and happy creatures who will never do anything wrong? Unfortunately, some kids make life unbearable and sometimes commit crimes. Where does so much anger come from? These movies will try to answer that question and you can watch them for free on 123 movies.

Horrid Henry: The Movie

Who's the toughest kid in school? Of course, it's Henry and his minions from the Purple Skull Gang. Life as a teenager involves constant warfare with adults. Soon the hero is faced with a more serious problem: the council staff decides to close the school. Henry and his friends have no time to make a plan. Wandsia, whom the teenager hates, and his perfect brother Peter help save the institution. It's up to them to stop the probation officers and thwart the gloomy principal's plans. Will the little pranksters be able to plan all of their actions correctly?

Richie Rich

The main character in the film is Richie Rich. He inherited more than 70 million dollars. The guy has everything that every little boy dreams about, except his friends. Richie's father is attentive and savvy, but he can't see the world around him. A dog named Dollar lives with the family. But, the fairy tale life doesn't last long. An employee from the company where Richie's father works, decides to get his hands on all of his employee's fortune and comes up with a plan to get rid of all the family members. Richie is helped by acquaintances, which makes the hero realize that true friendship is one of the most important things in the world.

The Little Rascals

Spanky and his friends are members of a misogynist club, and find that one of the members falls in love with local hottie Darlia. They perform a trial and sentence Alfalfa to forget about Darlia and the other girls' existence forever. The boy in love begins to have trouble abiding by the club's strict guidelines after a rich young boy begins to fall in love with Darlia. Soon, two bullies, Butch and Voyim, steal a car that was to compete in an upcoming race.

Dennis The Menace

The film's protagonist, Dennis, is a little scoundrel who loves fun and clever jokes that annoy his parents and neighbors. Soon his mother, Alice, decides to go to work, and problems arise with keeping an eye on Dennis. The Wilson couple, elderly, peaceful and childless neighbors, decide to look after the boy. Dennis quickly gets used to it, until a local burglar breaks into the house and steals from Mr. Wilson, a collection of coins. Dennis decides to find, retrieve the stolen coins, and punish the thief.

Les Choristes

The events of the tape take place in a reformatory home for boys. The teacher, Clement Mathieu, tries to give the boys some hope and love. Among the boys there are both too clumsy and outright bullies, who at any moment will steal something and put up a fight. The head of the school is a stern Rushen, who does not tolerate even minor infractions. The teacher is like a fish in water in this world, and too naive to find an understanding with the students. Soon, because of his kindness, he gets into trouble. He is a composer, and his love of music has led him to be treated sympathetically by the children.