Night Out, Stomach In

Sip Slim, Stay Slim

Among the many possible, regrettable consequences of drinking too much, forgetting (or ignoring) your usual reasons for making smart food choices takes the cake. Be sparing with alcohol. If possible, try to limit yourself to one cocktail; if not possible, drink a glass of water or club soda between each cocktail. This will prevent the full extent of that red-nosed feeling from hitting you suddenly—at which point, your diet manual may as well be burned. If you’re worried about the impression you’ll make by wandering around the party empty-handed, grab a club soda with a lime or lemon wedge (no one will know!).  When it comes to skinny sippers, enjoy a glass of wine, champagne, or light beer—each under 150 calories.  Alternatively, if you’re up for a low-cal cocktail, here’s the definitive recipe:  one shot of clear liquor (like vodka or gin), unlimited seltzer water, and a splash of 100% juice (like cranberry or grapefruit). Have fun, stay focused, and don’t use your buzz as an excuse to stop by the pizza parlor on your way home.

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