Night Out, Stomach In

Work Hard, Play Harder

Designate some time for a thorough workout the day of ‘the big night,’ and try to do it as close as possible to the moment you depart for your dinner (or other special occasion). It’s no secret that exercise takes work—whether it’s the physical exertion itself, or mustering up the motivation to get to the gym in the first place—and a strenuous workout will remind you just how tough it can be to burn a few hundred calories. This reinforcement can make the difference between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when the waiter asks if you’d like to see the dessert menu…especially if you’re still feeling the burn from that last round of squats. You’ll likely end up asking yourself two questions: Do I really want to erase the great work I did at the gym today? And how many more squats will it take to burn off this dessert?! #NotWorthIt