6 Ways to Outsmart Office Food Obstacles

The Scenario:
Your office meetings are catered with tempting but totally unhealthy foods.

The Solution:
Simple: BYO. Brown-bag your lunches and snacks, and bring them to your meetings if the sight of your colleagues indulging on muffins and cakes is too tough to ignore. If you spend time preparing your meals (or spend money buying them from restaurants), you’ll feel somewhat obligated to eat whatever you’ve invested in, no matter how tempting the office junk is. If you go the extra mile to make your food delicious and exciting (switch it up often so you don’t get sick of it!), you’ll even look forward to eating your own stuff… and you won’t think twice about the pastry platter on the conference table. Try to pack more than one yummy, low-calorie snack, too, so each time you see a coworker munching on something sugary, you’ll have a better (and better-for-you) alternative to toss down your gullet.