6 Ways to Outsmart Office Food Obstacles

The Scenario:
Your friendly cubicle neighbor keeps a bowl of candy on her desk—and it calls your name every time you need a pick-me-up.

The Solution:
Simply put: Ask her to hide it. Don’t forget ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ (A smile may help, too.) Suggest that she store the goods in a desk drawer or any spot hidden from your line of sight, and offer an explanation for your request, if you feel comfortable doing so. Alternatively, you can wait until your neighbor’s stash runs low and then gift her a bag of candy you’re not crazy about. (Surely you can think of one! Raisinets? Tootsie Rolls?) A final option: Place an empty jar on your own desk and stick a dollar into it each time you successfully resist a candy craving. At the end of the week, treat yourself to something special with your savings, like a manicure (or a mani-pedi, depending on how good you’ve been). Note: This strategy does require some self-motivation and discipline, but by Friday evening, your slim figure and your beautifully polished fingers will thank you!