Maureen D.

When Maureen's cholesterol hit shockingly high levels, she knew it was time to get healthier. With the help of Joy's plan, she made permanent lifestyle changes and lost 70 pounds!



Age: 34
Height: 5'8"
Starting weight: 220 pounds
Current weight: 150 pounds
Goal weight: 145
Pounds lost: 70 pounds

Maureen was only 32 years old and battling dangerously high cholesterol. Her weight was holding her back from truly enjoying life – she couldn’t even run around with her kids without becoming out of breath. When her cholesterol levels spiked so high that she had to take a three-hour glucose test, she knew it was time for a change. When a friend told Maureen following the four-step plan in Joy’s book, Your Inner Skinny (previously titled Joy’s Life Diet), she hung up the phone and said to herself, “No more excuses— I’m starting right now.” Maureen picked up the book and headed to the grocery store.

Right away, the numbers on the scale start to decrease. “It was so rewarding to me every time I went down a number. I hit 200, then 190, then 180,” says Maureen. “Each time, I would say, ‘I am never going to be over that number again’.” Vowing to never return to her unhealthy weight and lifestyle, Maureen threw away all of her “big clothes,” which felt great! She attributes much of her success to her kids, husband and other family members who supported her and continue to motivate her every day. “I want to be healthy for myself and for them,” says Maureen.

Stepping on the scale once a week is what helped hold Maureen accountable for everything she ate. While weekends posed the most temptation, Maureen stayed committed to the program by telling herself the splurges would not be worth it when it came time to step on the scale. Planning ahead for indulgences also helped Maureen to lose weight — and continue to keep it off. “If I know I’m going to splurge at a holiday function, I’ll be extra good for the rest of the week,” she says.

Changing her diet wasn’t easy, but Maureen learned to completely avoid trigger foods and opt for healthy snacks instead. She now snacks on cucumber slices with Laughing Cow Light Cheese to curb hunger pangs between meals. After losing 70 pounds, Maureen looks and feels better than ever! The best compliment she has received? “My mom told me that I was her motivation to get healthy!”

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.