Katie B.

Getting engaged was just the motivation Katie needed to lose weight. On Joy's program, she learned lifelong healthy habits and got ready to walk down the aisle — 27 pounds lighter!



Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 167 pounds
Current weight: 140 pounds
Goal weight: 140 pounds
Pounds lost: 27

Katie had been overweight — and unhappy about it — for years, but getting engaged was the motivation she needed to finally lose the weight. She didn’t want to look back on her wedding photos and see herself looking unhealthy and unhappy.

Beyond the photos, her impending marriage also made Katie think about some serious issues regarding how her weight could impact her future. Recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which affects fertility, Katie learned that one way to improve her chances of having children and combating other symptoms of PCOS was to lose weight. There were also other health issues plaguing her family, including diabetes. As she began a new chapter of her life, building a family with her fiancé, there was no better time to shed the extra pounds for good.

Katie was introduced to Joy Bauer’s program through Woman’s Day magazine, when she was chosen as a blogger in the Woman’s Day Slimdown Challenge with Joy Bauer. Getting started was difficult: Katie disliked cooking and rarely made her own meals; she relied on processed foods like popcorn and cereal. The hardest change was learning to make healthy meals and to make meal preparation a part of her daily routine.

Katie had given up on previous diets, but telling everyone about her weight-loss efforts through her Woman’s Day blog helped hold her accountable. Even her coworkers cheered her along on her weight-loss journey and helped her to eat healthfully at the office and to stick to an exercise routine. “That accountability is vital to me,” she says. “Otherwise, I can quickly get tired of putting in the extra effort.” Another key to Joy’s plan that worked wonders for Katie was learning moderation. “During the holidays, I didn’t bake any cookies or bring any temptation into my house until the week of Christmas — and on Christmas I indulged, but I also exercised a lot,” she says. “Then the next week, I got back into my normal routine. You don’t have to avoid the holidays like the plague; you should enjoy them. But you really don’t need to indulge for two solid months.”

It wasn’t easy, but Joy’s program taught Katie healthy habits that have helped her to not only lose 27 pounds, but to maintain her healthy weight as well. “Joy’s plan didn’t require me to learn a lot of rules or count a lot of calories or points,” says Katie. “It just taught me to be healthier, simple as that.” Now, instead of processed foods, Katie’s favorite snacks are blended frozen bananas as a substitute for frozen yogurt and Joy’s Double Chocolate Muffins. At parties and events, she makes sure to fill her plate with vegetables and allows herself one cookie so that she doesn’t feel deprived or guilty.

Katie’s biggest advice is to eat! “Cutting back so much that you’re hungry is a great way to set yourself up to cheat. But also be aware of what you’re putting into your mouth,” she says. “Know how much you are putting into your body, and how much you’re burning, and don’t kid yourself. If you think you might be, write it all down!”

*Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve these results.