As a nutritionist with a sweet tooth, I’m always on the lookout for ways to indulge in my favorite treats without compromising on health. That’s why I’ve crafted these copycat candy recipes, bringing you the delicious flavors you love with a somewhat nutritious twist. Dig in and enjoy these irresistible delights!

Copycat KitKats

“Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of this (copycat) KitKat bar!” This DIY version might not be identical to the store-bought classic, but my twist—featuring creamy peanut butter—adds an extra layer of goodness. With its chocolatey bliss, signature crispy snap, and layers of yumminess, this recipe is perfect for a fun summer activity with the kids or grandkids. Enjoy making and munching on these delish treats! 

DIY Snickers

If you close your eyes and take a bite of this gem, you’d swear you are eating an actual Snickers bar. It’s SO good! The date base brings a naturally sweet chewiness, the inside is stuffed with the nut butter (and nuts) of your choice, and the firmed chocolate topped with a dusting of crushed nuts provides a gentle crunch. This one is easy to make and even easier to devour. My family goes crazy over them whenever I make a batch.

Junior Jumbo Mints

Junior Mints were my movie theater go-to when I was a kid. The soft mint filling surrounded by a chocolate exterior—pure bliss! I crafted a DIY hack using just three simple ingredients. You can make this with regular or mini marshmallows whenever you’re in the mood for mint-chocolatey satisfaction. Feel free to whip up one or two for a solo splurge, or a large batch to satisfy a crowd.

Almond Joy Dates

Sometimes you feel like a nut…when you do, give this a shot!

I love this candy bar…and not just because it has my name in it (although, that’s a nice perk, LOL). Again, sweet, chewy dates serve as the foundation. I add an almond to each, which brings a delicious crunch to the party. Then I mix in Greek yogurt to add satiating protein and of course, there’s coconut. I finish it off with indulgent chocolate—happiness in every bite!

Frozen Button Candy

Button candy was fun for sure, but not terribly practical—you often ended up eating more paper than candy, not to mention, a bunch of questionable ingredients in the process. This makeshift version uses berries (your choice of blueberries or raspberries) and protein-rich Greek yogurt. And I add a chocolate chip in the raspberry rendition for a sweet center surprise. To stay true to the classic, I do use paper, but it’s parchment, so no sticking! Simply peel and pop 🙂

Cherry Slushy

You’ll have a crush on this slush—which contains no added sugar. I make it by pureeing frozen fruit—frozen pitted sweet cherries and pineapple—with Lacroix Cerise Limón Sparkling Water (any other LaCroix flavor will work great, too). Toss in a blender with some ice… and ta-da, you’ve got a dessert-like bevvie filled with fiber, antioxidants and natural sweetness!