Fall Goodies

Fall = apple season. And pumpkin season. And citrus season. After enduring the heat and humidity of a sweltering summer, the reward is the fall bounty of juicy apples, plump pumpkins, refreshing citrus, and juicy pears.  I bring all these gorgeous gems home and then dream up any number of delicious ways to use them in dishes. Here, I’ve shared some of my favorite fall creations—including an easy apple “nacho” spin and a sheet pan masterpiece with gooey caramel topping. Which will be the apple…or pumpkin…or pear of your eye?

apple nachos on a white plate

Apple Nachos

This sweet snack is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for so many reasons. For one, it’s ridiculously easy to whip up—it requires just two main ingredients (plus a handful of optional toppers). Second, you can easily adjust the recipe to serve one or a larger crowd. (In my house, we tend to go big or go home!) And of course, it stars crisp juicy apples, filled with fiber and antioxidants, as the base. This dish makes a satisfying breakfast, great after-school snack or tasty treat while carving pumpkins or partaking in any other fall festivity.

Single-Serve Pear Cobbler

Why bake an entire pie (and have to deal with the temptation of all those extra slices hanging around) when a single-serve treat will perfectly hit the mark? Portion-controlled desserts are such a great deal—you get to satisfy the hankering for an indulgent treat in a smart way. That’s the whole idea behind my Single-Serve Pear Cobbler. Not to mention, this sweet splurge takes just 5 minutes to toss together in the microwave so you can enjoy it whenever you have the urge.

Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Mornings could always use a little simplifying, am I right? This breakfast recipe takes easy to a whole new level. One bowl and just a few minutes is all it takes to create a dish that offers the flavors and decadent feel of pumpkin pie filling with the nutrition of a good-for-you breakfast. Yup, it’s your lucky day! You’ll hit the bed at night anxiously awaiting the arrival of morning just to dig your fork into this mouthwatering mixture. Sweet dreams—and sweet morning!

LaCroix Tanger-ini

Orange you glad I decided to mix tangy orange juice with tangerine-flavored sparkling water to create this bright and refreshing mocktail? I know I am! I fancied it up with citrus segments and a peel for garnish to make it elegant enough to enjoy at holiday get-togethers or family parties. Of course, it’s also a perfect companion if you’re sipping solo. Cheers to fall!

Sheet Pan Caramel Apples

Apples and caramel are a perfect pair, a dynamic duo that delivers natural sweetness, rich creaminess, and total feel-good happiness. And yet, the fall treat can be time-consuming to make and tough to eat on the stick (not to mention, loaded with corn syrup). I make an addictively satisfying version that’s super fun, much healthier… and easy to devour. No corn syrup needed!

Pumpkin Seeds

Pepitas are shell-less pumpkin seeds that make an ideal snack that deliver magnesium, protein and fiber. I like to flavor mine up in different ways—sometimes, I like ’em sweet, other times, I prefer ’em spicy. When I’m in the mood for savory heat, I whip up this Cumin-Cayenne spin…and they are delish. For a sugary turn, I bake up a batch of these Cinnamon Sugar goodies, and they disappear in no time. Try them both and see which your crew likes best!