Ax your afternoon hunger pangs.

You may not notice that 4 o’clock famished feeling while you’re literally running between classes, but once you relax, your body and brain will both get the message. For moments like these, be sure to stash convenient, energizing snacks in your backpack at all times.Skip the sugary junk and go for high-quality munchies that provide protein and/or fiber. Both help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which keeps you feeling full and focused for the long haul. (The fill-power of the protein-fiber combo may also prevent you from hitting the dining hall hard for dinner.) No-fuss, portable pieces of fruit (apples, oranges, peaches, plums, bananas) are great snack options at all hours, and they’ll satisfy sweet cravings without the guilt. Of course, if your sweet tooth is too well-educated to be fooled—and it’s really whining for chocolate—stick to the dark variety and limit yourself to a mini-bar (think: credit-card size).

Want more options?  Nibble on any of these:

  • A classic peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Homemade trail mix with your fave high-fiber cereal, dried fruit, nuts, and an optional sprinkling of dark chocolate chips
  • Pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews)
  • Turkey jerky

Dining Hall Dos & Don’ts

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