Are multivitamins safe for your vision? Supplements can help protect your eyes, but when it comes to certain antioxidants, too much may be problematic.

Q: I understand that there may be a risk to taking high doses of certain antioxidants for macular degeneration. Should I still take a multivitamin?

A: Yes. High levels of vitamin E supplements can be problematic, but a daily multivitamin with only 100 percent DV for vitamin E is fine (and it will also provide at the very least 100 percent DV for zinc and vitamin C, along with some beta-carotene). Unless your doctor has specifically recommended specially formulated high-dose antioxidant supplements for macular degeneration, it’s safer to get these nutrients from food (along with a multivitamin). Try making one of my Smooth-SEE recipes. They are both chock-full of the best nutrients for eyes and are healthy for everyone, not just those with macular degeneration.


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