Spring fling! Fall in love with these produce picks


What’s all the buzz about the fuzz? Kiwifruit (aka Chinese gooseberry) has a furry brown peel that’s edible, though most people prefer to remove before enjoying. It features a sweet, juicy, green flesh with black seeds (also edible). Kiwi contains fiber, vitamins C, K and E and antioxidants. Kiwi from California is in season from October through May and from New Zealand from April through January.

Kiwis make a quick and easy snack. To peel them effortlessly, simply slice off both ends and insert a spoon just under the peel. Circle the spoon around the edge, and pop out the flesh. Then, cut into slices and enjoy! You can add slices to salads (fruit or green), toss into smoothies (like this Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie) or make a hydrating Cucumber Kiwi Spa Water.