Joy’s Favorite Salads and Dressings

Spring blooms with a pleasant mixture of colors, freshness and warmth. As a nutritionist, I revel in the abundance of ripe produce that marks the arrival of the season. And what better canvas to showcase this bounty than a vibrant, nutrient-packed salad?

Please, no disappointed salad sighs! Today’s salads are a celebration of flavor and texture, brimming with an array of enticing toppings and mouthwatering dressings. I like to start with a vibrant base of mixed greens. From there, the possibilities are endless: Add various fruit and veggie mix-ins, crunchy favorites, like nuts, seeds, granola, and protein powerhouses, including tender chicken, fish and seafood, eggs, hearty beans and lentils, or tofu. Then the finishing touch: a velvety dressing to take it over the top. I’ve shared some of my most popular salads and dressings on the following pages to give you a delicious dose of spring-spiration.