Spring blooms with a pleasant mixture of colors, freshness and warmth. As a nutritionist, I revel in the abundance of ripe produce that marks the arrival of the season. And what better canvas to showcase this bounty than a vibrant, nutrient-packed salad?

Please, no disappointed salad sighs! Today’s salads are a celebration of flavor and texture, brimming with an array of enticing toppings and mouthwatering dressings. I like to start with a vibrant base of mixed greens. From there, the possibilities are endless: Add various fruit and veggie mix-ins, crunchy favorites, like nuts, seeds, granola, and protein powerhouses, including tender chicken, fish and seafood, eggs, hearty beans and lentils, or tofu. Then the finishing touch: a velvety dressing to take it over the top. I’ve shared some of my most popular salads and dressings on the following pages to give you a delicious dose of spring-spiration.

Grilled Pineapple Salad with Peanut Dressing

The base of greens (eater’s choice) and shredded cabbage gets a juicy-packed boost from the pineapple. Grilling pineapple adds a surprising layer of lusciousness—the black char brings out more of the fruit’s natural sweetness. I finish it off with an addictively good peanut dressing that’s just as tasty as the salad. It really makes the whole bowl sing. Bonus: Leftover peanut dressing works great tossed with pasta (it’s like cold sesame noodles), as a dip for spring rolls, drizzled on grilled or roasted veggies and so much more. Grab your fork!

Mediterranean Egg Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

No lettuce greens here, but this salad still stuns. It’s a wonderful mix of hard-boiled eggs, veggies—crunchy cukes, juicy cherry tomatoes, fiber-filled artichoke hearts—as well as creamy avocado and fragrant dill. I top it with my Lemon Vinaigrette, but you can choose whatever dressing you like best, or keep it simple with olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper. You can opt to keep the eggs quartered or finely chop up all of the fixins’ together. And this is a Mediterranean-inspired dish, so even though I’ve made feta optional, is it really?!

Quinoa Salad with Parm & Pistachios

This salad checks off every box. The greens (arugula) are full of good-for-you nutrients. The additional veggies add color, fiber and health value, while the herbs (mint and basil) enhance the flavor and bring a feeling of freshness to every bite. I’ve incorporated quinoa, a protein-rich seed, for texture, taste and an extra dose of protein and fiber. The pistachios provide a nice crunch and unique elegance to the overall combo. The Parm, in my opinion, is a must, though, you can use another type of cheese if you prefer. I shared a simple recipe for a lemon vinaigrette, but feel free to create your own dressing or swap in a store-bought favorite. The beauty is that you can mix-and-match ingredients based on what you have in your fridge, what’s on sale or what you like best. This is “bowl goals” at its best😉

Taco Salad in a Jar with Salsa Lime Vinaigrette

It’s a Taco salad to go! I use mason jars to create various portable salad creations—this taco twist is a favorite in my house. I start off with my Salsa Lime Vinaigrette on the bottom layer. Next up are layers of veggies (peppers, corn, onions), followed by cheese, beans and avocado. It’s a rainbow of yumminess. The seasoned taco meat, diced tomatoes and lettuce are your final layers in the jar. You can add a crushed taco shell and/or salsa as your last layers, if you’d like. Secure the lid and refrigerate until you’re ready to enjoy. Then, give the jar a good shake and enjoy it right out of the jar– or pour it into a large bowl and mix it all up. These mason jar salad spins are as fun to make as they are to devour. I’m betting you’ll be the envy of the entire office lunchroom (or your home kitchen table) once you open the lid to dig in.

Kitchen Sink Salad with Pamplemousse Vinaigrette

This recipe is essentially a salad roadmap—a guide of how much of each component you should be aiming for in your bowl. You can create your own mouthwatering masterpiece using this formula based on what you like best, whether you’re at home chopping up your own ingredients or at a salad bar. I suggest trying my creative Pamplemousse Vinaigrette, which features LaCroix Sparkling Water in my favorite flavor 😉