Egg Dishes for Every Meal

One thing you’ll always find in my fridge: Eggs. And trust me, there’s more than a dozen reasons to love them. For one, they’re super versatile—you can enjoy them any time of day in any kind of way. Second, eggs are filled with nutrition. They’re a high-quality protein source that comes packaged with choline, a nutrient that’s important for brain health. They contain B vitamins that play a key role in energy production. And the yolk boasts lutein and zeaxanthin that helps support healthy eyesight. Finally, they’re convenient and can last for weeks in the fridge. Enuf said 😉

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the following recipes so you can enjoy eggs-traordinary meals morning, noon and night!

NOTE: The American Heart Association recommends up to 7 eggs per week for healthy individuals. If you have heart disease or are at an increased risk, talk to your doctor before incorporating eggs into your diet.