QUESTION: I’m hosting a holiday party and am looking for a few slimming, festive cocktail ideas. Any suggestions?

—Elaine, East Meadow, New York

ANSWER: Try these two delicious drinks to help get your party started. For a fruity fix with bubbles and champagne, serve my Pomegranate Sparkler, or if you prefer something creamy and dreamy, whip up my Peppermint-ini. Cheers!

pomegranate-sparklerPomegranate Sparkler
80 calories per serving

Make a champagne toast extra special by infusing your bubbly with an antioxidant-rich splash of pomegranate juice. Along with a few health perks, this fruity accent gives this chic cocktail a bold red color and a lovely sweet-tart finish.


210 calories per serving

A traditional peppermint martini will cost you the calorie equivalent of 32 mini candy canes. Talk about a sugar rush! Whip up my version of this festive drink and you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays without worrying about your waistline.

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