Slim down your pizza slice

I’m a huge pizza lover! Any ways to make a guilt-free version so it doesn’t wreck my diet?
—Susan from Bayside, New York

: Here are four strategies to slim down your slice:

#1. Start with a salad to curb your appetite and take the edge off your hunger. By front-loading with veggies, it’s likely you’ll feel satisfied with less pizza, while still managing to pack in vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

 #2. Go for thin crust and you’ll save about 100 calories a slice.  Thick crust means extra unnecessary calories and carbs. When you have a large New York-style slice, also consider skipping the outer part of the crust altogether to save about 80 calories. And definitely forego those “special” cheese-stuffed or deep-dish options.

If your pizza shop offers whole-grain dough, go for it! While it won’t save you any calories, it will add more fiber and nutrition to your slice.

#3. Request “light” on the cheese. You won’t miss it (trust me.), especially if you pile on yummy toppings (see tip below). Note: This does not include fatty pepperoni, sausage, or meatballs, ahem.

#4. Load on veggie toppers. Vegetables, high in fiber, can bulk up your slice and make every bite more filling—not to mention shower your body with a dose of nutrition. So load up on peppers, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, eggplant, artichokes; the more veggies, the better.

A few more quick tips for extra credit:

De-grease your slice. Before you take a bite, there’s a highly sophisticated technique for removing some of the excess pizza grease that I like to call “The Blotting Method.” Take your napkin and carefully dab to remove some of the grease. This cuts about 35 calories per slice, which can definitely add up.  

Pay attention to when you’re eating your cheesy slice. Enjoy your pizza at meal times instead of gobbling a slice late-night, when your resolve is down and you’re more prone to overeating.  

Make a “DIY pie” at home.  Finally, when you have the luxury of making your own home-made, diet-friendly options at home, whip up these crave-worthy pizza recipes and dig in. 

English Muffin Pizza

• Tortilla Pizza

• Cauliflower Crust Pizza   

• Sweet Potato Crust Pizza 

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