Healthy College Eats: Hangover Helpers

It’s college—so we all know alcohol will play some, hopefully minor role.  Though it’s best to follow protocol for avoiding hangovers in the first place (drink water between spiked beverages, and no keg stands!), occasional post-party symptoms may be inevitable.  For mornings when you wake up with a pounding head, bloated belly, and absolutely no will to stand upright, these three steps will help propel you down the road to recovery:

  • Chug as much water as possible (coffee and tea are cool too, but sip slowly).  This will help rehydrate your body and simultaneously get rid of the bloat.
  • Jump into a cardio workout.  Sweating the toxins from your system will not only curb your hangover, but it’ll also get you thinking clearly—for example, so you can make a smart meal choice afterwards.  If you’re unable to get to the campus gym, take a long walk with a friend.  (She’ll probably want the deets on last night’s shenanigans, anyway.)
  • Reboot your system with protein and potassium.  Try nonfat yogurt with a super-juicy fruit (melons are great; berries work too).  The potassium from the yogurt will help banish your bloat while the fruit rehydrates you and rebalances your blood sugars.  A veggie-stuffed egg white omelet with a slice of whole grain toast (and/or a side of fruit) will also provide hefty doses of protein, potassium, and high-quality carbs.

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