How to Boost Sex Drive with Food

Today I’m sharing three put-you-in-the-mood foods that can make a great night even better. Next time you plan a special dinner at home for your sweetie – or “breakfast in bed” (ahem!) – you might want to work these ingredients into the menu.

Pump up your libido with pumpkin. This veggie provides a healthy dose of potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. And, a study found that the scent of pumpkin pie increased blood flow “south of the border” in men. When it comes to libido, scent can actually offer a greater boost than consuming actual food. This makes sense because most of what we perceive as taste is actually smell. Plus, the scent of certain foods can calm anxiety, which may help reduce inhibitions – giving you a boost in the bedroom. There are so many yummy ways to incorporate pumpkin into your diet. You can mix canned 100% pumpkin puree into my yummy Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal at breakfast OR add a big scoop to tomato-based dishes like turkey chili and turkey meat sauce for whole-grain pasta.

Spice things up with ginger. Ginger has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries because it boosts blood flow. It also has a strong, unique aroma, so the scent itself can be arousing. Ginger also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may help to alleviate aches and pains, so it leaves you feeling more comfortable in your skin…and sexier! To take advantage of ginger’s “stimulating” powers, share these Ginger-Spiced Pumpkin Muffins with your partner, or end a romantic dinner for two with a pot of this Ginger Green Tea.

Dark chocolate-covered strawberries can be a turn on, too. They’re decadent and luxurious, sure, but these sexy treats offer benefits beyond their romantic aura. Both the chocolate and berries are loaded with compounds called flavonoids that may actually help enhance sexual performance. Flavonoids help your blood vessels relax and widen, which increases blood flow to ALL of your extremities, if you get my drift. Pick up a box of chocolate-covered strawberries at your favorite chocolate store, or go the homemade route with my warm Dark Chocolate Fondue. (Pairing dessert with a glass of champagne or wine never hurts!)


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