The best way to weigh

: How often should I weigh myself…once a week, once a day, or toss the scale and gauge success by the way I feel versus a number? 

—Jennifer from Miami, Florida


ANSWER: The answer really depends on your personality.

Hopping on the scale each morning can be empowering for many people. That’s because continuous check-ins can help drive motivation and keep you on point. It’s exciting to see the scale moving downward when you’re trying to lose weight. Also, regular weigh-ins allow you to catch any upticks and prevent one or two pounds from snowballing into anything larger. And lastly, it can help prevent nighttime nibbling; you’ll probably think twice before popping something in your mouth if you know you’re going to hop on the scale the next morning.

That being said, daily weigh-ins are NOT for everyone, and in fact, they can drive some people nuts. It’s not easy dealing with the day-to-day fluctuations and it can throw some folks into a tailspin. In that case, I strongly recommend weighing just once or twice a week.

For once a week, designate an official day of choice.

For twice a week, I advise Mondays and Thursdays; Monday weigh-ins may help keep your diet in-check over the weekend. Thursday weigh-ins give you insight into your work-week eating habits and let you know how you’re doing before you head into the weekend.

And certainly…if you know numbers are not good for your personality (you’re highly obsessive…or have history of eating disorders), I urge you to toss your scale and gauge health success by how you feel in your skin and clothing.

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