The Best Diet for Weight Loss


QUESTION: I’m looking to lose weight in the New Year. What’s the best diet?
—Beatrice from Geneseo, New York

ANSWER: There’s no one-size-fits-all weight loss plan—and you’re the only one who can define your “best diet.”

I’m personally open to any plan that encourages a person to eat less junk and feel better about themselves. The truth is: Anything that reduces calories will work, so Google around, chat with friends and find something that seems livable. And keep in mind, you can take any plan (from Paleo to vegetarian to Weight Watchers to Whole 30, and so on) and make it your own by tailoring it to fit your eating preferences and your lifestyle.

If you’re not into following a formal diet, these two tips can easily help you shed weight in the New Year:

ADD one produce item (preferably a vegetable) into each meal and snack. Produce is high-volume and low in calories, filling you up and keeping a lid on your appetite. Toss mushrooms or peppers into your omelet or add fresh berries into your yogurt at breakfast; top your sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and onions at lunch or have a side of crunchy carrots and celery; and enjoy a side salad with dinner.

LOSE liquid calories. That means no soda, juice, sweetened iced tea and fancy coffee drinks. Eliminating these sweetened beverages is often one of the most effective steps to losing weight.


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