Spice is nice! The magic of seasoning


Paprika, a radiant red spice, owes its color to sweet (bell) peppers that are dried and ground into a fine powder. The ripeness of the peppers and their natural sugar content contribute to the delightful sweetness of paprika. In some cases, especially with Spanish paprika, peppers are dried using wood-smoking techniques, imparting a warm, smoky flavor.

Paprika’s spiciness can vary, from mild to very hot, so carefully check the label when purchasing to determine its specific flavor profile. Smokey paprika, in particular, stands out as one of my most favorite spices.

Commonly used in Hungarian and Spanish cuisine, paprika can also be found in Cajun seasonings and spice mixes like Baharat. Rich in vitamin C, paprika not only enhances flavor but also supports healthy skin by aiding collagen production and bolsters our immune system.

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