Six soothing strategies to tame stress


Enjoy a zen-filled beverage

Whip up a deliciously calming beverage and sip your way to serenity. My Chaos Calmer features chamomile tea, which acts as a mild sedative and may help ease anxiety. For a cold bevvy, try this Cucumber-Lemon Spa Water, which is refreshing and stars immune-boosting vitamin-C rich lemon as well as light and soothing LaCroix Lemon Sparkling Water. Or make this quick and easy relaxing brew that I call Orange-Chamomile Anxie-TEA: Add a few sliced oranges to a cup of hot chamomile tea, making sure to squeeze in some of the fresh juices to sweeten the taste and brighten the aroma. It’s a comforting beverage with two ingredients (orange and chamomile) that can help calm your nerves and relieve tension. Whatever drink you decide on, be sure to sit in a comfy space and slowly enjoy your zen-filled bevvy.