One-Week Fall Reboot

Make-ahead Sunday

Sunday is the ultimate start day—and will set the stage for a successful week. After all, weekdays tend to become busy with work, family life, after-school stuff and social obligations, so take full advantage of Sundays to plan meals, shop and prep. Take a look at the coming week and see how many dinners at home you’ll be able to cook. (It’s inevitable you’ll have curveballs, like work dinners, family get-togethers and kid’s sports events. Skip over those days). Next, decide what recipes you’ll want to make. I try to stick to theme nights around my house (they’re fun and they take some of the stress out of cooking—think, Meat-free Mondays; Tex-Mex Tuesdays, Stir-Fry Wednesdays, and so on). Then, make a list of what you need to grab at the grocery store and once you get there, stick to it. No impulse buys. When you get back home, tackle as much prep as you can. Chop veggies, cook whole grains, like brown rice or quinoa, and so on—that way, it’s done in advance. You can stash it all in the fridge (or freezer, depending on what it is) for when you need it during the week, so it’s ready to go. Saves time and stress!