Enjoy a Fit Fiesta


In the mood for Mexican tonight? You can have a fit fiesta using the following tips and tricks. Pick one or two—or  use all of them—and you’ll be able to enjoy the same delicious flavors you love but for significantly fewer calories, carbs, fat and sodium. Nacho chips and sangria are most definitely on the menu!

Swap queso dip for salsa

Instead of: Nachos with queso
Enjoy: Nachos with salsa

Crunchy chips are a tasty way to start your meal, but a handful (about 12) dipped in creamy queso will set you back about 500 calories—and that’s just an appetizer. Ouch! Go ahead and have your chips, but enjoy them with salsa instead for about half that amount.

Swap a frozen margarita for sangria

Instead of: A frozen margarita
Enjoy: Sangria or beer

Frozen margaritas may go down smoothly, but they’re loaded with syrupy, sugary liquid and can pack a whopping 500 calories per glass. No need to pass on a cocktail—instead, order a slimmer sangria (around 220 cals) or go for a bottle of regular beer (about 150) or light beer (about 100). Want to whip up your own sparkling sangria at home? Try this recipe.

Swap fried fish tacos for grilled

Instead of: Fried fish tacos
Enjoy: Grilled fish tacos

An order of three fried fish tacos—the amount served at most Mexican restaurants— topped with a flavorful cream sauce will typically cost more than 2,000 calories. To give you some perspective, that’s about nine cups of Tater Tots. Instead, opt for grilled fish tacos, ask for extra veggies and request the sauce on the side. Use the sauce sparingly and squeeze on some fresh lemon and/or lime for an extra pop of flavor.

Swap chimichanga for chicken fajitas

Instead of: A chimichanga
Enjoy: Chicken fajitas


Chimichanga is a classic dish that’s comprised of a fried, stuffed burrito often accompanied by a small mound of refried beans and rice on the side. At most Mexican restaurants, the entrée weighs in at about 2,000 calories. A slimmer selection: Chicken fajitas with beans, salsa, guacamole and two corn tortillas for just 550 calories. Need a little sour cream? Go ahead and use a small dollop (factor in roughly 23 calories per level tablespoon).


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