Holy Grapes! So many varieties to devour

Grapes are one of my all-time favorite fruits…and not just because they’re used to make wine (ahem). They’re sweet and juicy, loaded with nutrients like resveratrol, and are extremely versatile. You can eat a handful right out of the fridge, freeze them for a chilly treat, or roast them on a baking sheet with veggies for a surprising burst of bliss. I also like to slice them up and toss ’em into chicken salads and leafy green salads. I’m not the only one who appreciates the goodness of grapes: they’re the fourth most popular fruit in the United States (following apples, oranges and bananas, and beating out watermelon), according to surveys. If you’re grape-ful for the vine fruit (like me), you’ll be thrilled to learn about the uniquely flavorful varieties blooming in the produce section. No sour grapes here—these taste like cotton candy and grape jelly. Read on to learn more!