My favorite holiday movies and munchies!

It’s a Wonderful Life

This 1946 movie is enduring—it offers an invaluable lesson of perspective and the meaning of a life. It reinforces that we touch countless people throughout the course of our lives, in ways both big and small, and yet we rarely reflect on the positive effect we have on them. Instead, we too often focus on the negative moments, a lost love, a missed opportunity, a mistake we can’t let go. We meet George Bailey, the film’s main character, on a bridge, as he debates the value of his own life and whether it’s worth living after hitting a particularly rough patch. His guardian angel reminds him just how vital he is to his wife, Mary, his family, his former boss, the townspeople and everyone else around him. In the end, George decides to live, and he returns home to embrace his family—and a house filled with friends and neighbors. Christmas bells ring and his daughter explains what the chiming means—“every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” Do you have the chills? I do! Inspired by the wonderful feelings this movie invokes, I whipped up this wonderful Hummus Wreath, which is as scrumptious as it is stunning.

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