Healthy Twists on Favorite Classics

As we step into 2024 (Happy New Year!), many of us are eager to embrace fresh starts and positive changes. I love the beginning of a new year, as it symbolizes resolutions, transformations, and aspirations for a more productive and fulfilling 12 months ahead.

The nature of these aspirations varies from person to person. Some aim for financial milestones, be it saving for retirement or that dream vacation. Others set their sights on adopting a healthier lifestyle, committing to new fitness routines or conquering personal milestones like a 5K or half marathon. As for me, unsurprisingly, some of my goals revolve around food—how can I reinvent this or that beloved dish? How can I give a classic recipe my family loves a healthier twist?

In the spirit of supporting those on a journey to better eating this month I’m excited to share some ways to enjoy your favorite foods in a healthier manner. These deliciously realistic swaps will set you on a path that’s not only nutritious but also sustainable!