6 Ways to Start Feeling Better Right Now

Avoid the Midday Slump with a Protein-Rich Snack.

In today’s high-speed world, it’s normal to feel crazed and exhausted 24/7, but for many people the so-called “mid-afternoon slump” is the most problematic time of day. The clock hits three or four and you start to feel low-energy and draggy…and just want to crawl into bed. The solution: a well-timed, protein-packed snack. Scientists in the UK found that protein “wakes up” brain cells, which helps you stay alert and focused. Some of my favorite protein-rich bites include a container of nonfat Greek yogurt (plain or flavored), 1 or 2 string cheese, a serving of turkey jerky, or 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs. Or, mix up a travel-friendly Protein Trail Mix by combining 2 cups air-popped or low-fat popcorn, 2 tablespoons roasted peanuts, and 2 tablespoons roasted edamame.