Eat Fatty Fish 3+ Times A Week.

Fatty fish like salmon provides two mood-boosting ingredients: omega-3 fats and vitamin D. EPA, the type of omega-3 fat that seems to be most effective at improving mental wellbeing, is not found in plant sources of omega-3s, so you won’t get any EPA from walnuts, chia or flax seeds. Instead, you’ll want to eat salmon, sardines, trout and Atlantic mackerel to get your weekly fill of this good-for-you fat. Fatty fish is also the top food source of vitamin D, and low vitamin D levels have been associated with increased risk for depression. Regularly eating fatty fish is a safe, all-around healthy way to give your D levels a little boost. Make a quick pasta supper by tossing whole wheat noodles with salmon, broccoli and your favorite vinaigrette, enjoy salmon sushi with brown rice, or try my tangy-sweet Hoisin-Glazed Salmon.