RecipeBanana Snow-People

Nutrition Facts
Amount per Serving
  • Calories: 40
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Total Fat: 0 g
    • Unsaturated Fat: 0 g
    • Saturated Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 10 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 1 g
  • Total Sugar: 5 g
    • Natural Sugar: 5 g
    • Added Sugar: 0 g
  • Sodium: 0 mg

This adorable snack is inspired by Frosty the Snowman, and I am totally bananas for it. They’re super fun in a winter-wonderland sort of way, and a cinch to make. Cue the kids because this is the perfect snowy day snack-tivity. Made with banana slices for the body and adorned with chocolate and raspberry accessories, they’re creamy, delicious and filled with nutrition. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

  • Prep time
  • Total Time
This recipe makes 3 Snow People
  • • 1 large banana
  • • 3 skewers
  • • 15 mini chocolate chips
  • • 3 raspberries
  • • 1 small carrot

Slice the banana into 9 rounds of even thickness. Carefully slide 3 slices on each wooden skewer, then slide on the raspberry hats.

Lay the snow-people down flat, and place 3 chocolate chip buttons and 2 chocolate chip eyes on each one. To make the carrot nose, cut the carrot into small, thin triangular slices and attach.


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